Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suddenly Shortbread...

So I decided to do some baking tonight. I may not be a very practiced cook, but I've always loved baking. After shopping through my new cookbook, I decided on traditional Scottish shortbread bars.

Let me just say... they were the easiest bit of baking I've ever done, and they are absolutely delicious! This will be a keeper recipe -- and a go-to for a quick treat. It seems like it would be really hard to mess them up. If you would like the exact recipe I used, just let me know and I will be happy to pass it along!

As for the rest of my day, I did a bit of shopping and now it's time for some oh-so-fun laundry and required reading for the literature class I am taking. The topic is on the apocalypse in American literature... sounds a little heavy, no? Agreed... and it makes it hard to get through some of the reading. But alas, it is necessary... and some of the later readings sound more entertaining.

So back to work I go... I still feel like I'm talking to no one on here, so if you are actually here -- let me know, just to say hi! :) And don't forget to feed the fish (below) ;)

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