Monday, August 31, 2009

Late night quote...

I just came across this quote and I absolutely love it. I really felt the need to share.

"Never think of yourself as an amateur - once you put pen to paper you're a writer." -- Anita Burgh

I especially relate to this, and I've always felt it was true. Whether a bestselling novelist, a local newspaper reporter, or even a lonely blogger.... you are a writer -- don't let anyone tell you otherwise!



Tired of Re-runs...

I'm tired of re-runs and I'm so ready for the new TV season to begin. Although I never tire of watching the greatest show "The Big Bang Theory" -- I can watch those re-runs again and again -- I really really really want to see something new!!

I usually use summer time to catch up on old seasons of shows that I haven't watched during the regular season, but now I'm all caught up and waiting with baited breath for the next round :) Yes, I realize it sounds sad but alas... as mentioned before, simple pleasures :)

What shows are you looking forward to this fall? Do any of the new series sound interesting?

Garlic, anyone?

Ok... so I minced garlic on Saturday night and my hands didn't smell all that bad when I was finished. I was actually a bit relieved to see that it didn't leave any lingering garlic smell. But apparently, it likes to creep back about a day later and stick around...

It is Monday afternoon and my hands reek of garlic! How in the world do I get the smell do go away?? Someone PLEASE tell me they have a good remedy...

And, does anyone know why it took a good day to surface?

Thank you... that is all for now :)

awaiting another exciting lecture on apocalyptic thought in literature

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Suddenly Shortbread...

So I decided to do some baking tonight. I may not be a very practiced cook, but I've always loved baking. After shopping through my new cookbook, I decided on traditional Scottish shortbread bars.

Let me just say... they were the easiest bit of baking I've ever done, and they are absolutely delicious! This will be a keeper recipe -- and a go-to for a quick treat. It seems like it would be really hard to mess them up. If you would like the exact recipe I used, just let me know and I will be happy to pass it along!

As for the rest of my day, I did a bit of shopping and now it's time for some oh-so-fun laundry and required reading for the literature class I am taking. The topic is on the apocalypse in American literature... sounds a little heavy, no? Agreed... and it makes it hard to get through some of the reading. But alas, it is necessary... and some of the later readings sound more entertaining.

So back to work I go... I still feel like I'm talking to no one on here, so if you are actually here -- let me know, just to say hi! :) And don't forget to feed the fish (below) ;)

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Last night's cooking success still has me excited and I'm planning a few more meals and maybe even a dessert or two this week. I still have a giant tub of ricotta cheese left to use up in the next few days, so I'm trying to find a good way to get rid of it. I did find a really yummy sounding creamy pasta recipe that would use up about half, so that will most likely be the next food attempt :) Other thoughts or ideas would be appreciated... I will still have a little over a cup of ricotta to use up.

I'm sitting here trying to shake the sleepiness from my head, sipping my giant cup of coffee and wondering how in the world I am chilly when it is 83 degrees outside... Maybe that is my body's way of telling me to get off the computer and go outside and enjoy the weather! It's the first time in days that it isn't storming!

Was thinking of possibly catching a movie later today, too. Anybody seen District 9? Would you recommend it?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

First night in the kitchen...

Attempted my very first truly home-cooked meal tonight. Yeah, I'll be the first to admit it -- I'm clueless in the kitchen. It's not that I can't learn, I've just never really tried. Living alone makes it hard to get motivated to spend hours in the kitchen whipping up something for no one... but now that I have people to cook for, it has made me really want to learn.

So what was on the menu this evening? Lasagna with homemade tomato meat sauce and garlic bread. I know, nothing too complicated, right? But I have never made my own sauce and I even learned how to mince garlic (without a press... go me!). I realize it sounds silly -- but life is all about the simple pleasures, right?

I'm excited I made something not only edible... but good! Did it work exactly as I thought it would? No... the last layers of lasagna wouldn't even fit in the pan... but I made what I could and it turned out great.

I guess that's what cooking is all about, right? Learning what works and what doesn't and knowing how to just go with the flow...

For anyone interested... I used the JOY of Cooking cookbook's lasagna and meat sauce recipes... it's a great book.

Any thoughts on what to try next? Something not too complicated for a new cook? I'm really hoping to find an easy fish recipe...