Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Disappointing Dinner...

So as mentioned in a previous post, I had a lot of expensive ricotta to use up in the next couple days. I found a Rachael Ray recipe that would use most of it up and it seemed pretty quick and easy. It was a creamy pasta with spinach. (It's supposed to be topped with fried capers, but none of us are fond of them, so they were omitted)

It really was simple and quick... but also incredibly bland. The sauce was made up of ricotta cheese and skim milk and a dash of thyme and pepper. The spinach was wilted in olive oil and garlic and then mixed into the sauce with the pasta.

It wasn't bad by any means.... but just extremely tasteless. A LOT of salt needed to be added to really get it right. I do, of course, realize that if I had left the capers in the recipe that would have added a lot of the much needed saltiness -- but I've still decided this is a recipe I will not be trying again.

After finishing dinner I had to rush off to work. I slave away as a waitress to pay the bills -- let's face it, I haven't struck it rich writing yet! In my many years working in restaurants I have never seen such a chaotic night. Especially for a Tuesday!! It was a nightmare... but I survived and I'm so happy to be done for the evening.

Now I fully intend to relax and watch this past Sunday's "Mad Men" -- I'm obsessed! Isn't it great??

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