Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Crazy busy + Writer's Block = No Posts

So I've been completely slacking on everything this weekend... the blogs, the articles, the book... and even the school work.

Had an amazing day at the wine festival on Saturday -- more details and pics to follow soon.

For now, please read my article on Penny Lane that I finally published... I still have a couple more to write, but unfortunately have to come down off my panic high for a while to go to work. How lovely it would be to make enough money off of my writing to not have to work nights... Hey I can dream, right?

Not sure why the story feed for my articles didn't update but I posted the link below. Thanks, in advance, for looking.

Really want to help me out? Go ahead and subscribe to my articles... just click the subscribe button after following the story link.

Adios for now...

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