Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow is evil... and good for ruining plans

So yesterday was the Super Bowl 44. Unfortunately, my Colts did not win... but I'm not exactly heartbroken that they lost to the Saints. They are a worthy adversary.

Yesterday was also my birthday. And what a crap day it was. Knowing ahead of time that I'd be sharing the day with the big game, I had planned a celebratory night out with my friends on Saturday instead. It was perfect.

I hadn't seen most of my friends in almost 4 months -- I have been recovering from a serious car accident and in rehab/physical therapy and out of the social scene -- so not only was this to be a great birthday night out but an excellent chance to reunite with all of my friends at once.

It was to be my reintroduction to the social scene, now that I'm almost done with my recovery and able to walk (and even dance!) again.

However... the damn snow had a different idea. Because of this stupid SNOWmageddon my entire weekend was spent at home. With no friends, no company, not even a drink to toast in my 28th year. How shitty is that?

So, yeah... friends have said we'll just celebrate later. And that's great and all... I'm just gonna be happy to see them. But when I was confined to bed with a shattered leg and foot, I dreamed of the day when I could finally be back out agin and I pictured this great "coming out" party. I figured what better night to do that than on my birthday.

So I have pushed myself so hard at physical therapy. I am doing better than they ever thought I would, and way faster than expected. And I did this with this weekend in mind. So, yeah, it's beyond a disappointment to instead spend all weekend stuck in my house watching Law and Order reruns.

Oh well... I'll live. It's stupid to be this upset about a ruined birthday weekend when you are my age... I know that. But it wasn't about my birthday. It was about reaching a goal that I'd worked so hard for and then having no one to share it with.

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